Inspire Innovation:
The Campaign For Carnegie Mellon

Working with colleagues, I shot and edited this video for the public kick-off of Carnegie Mellon's capital campaign. The video was well received and has been repurposed for campaign events around the world.

I animated the "Inspire Innovation" logo using Apple's Motion. The "exploding dots" were created using a 3D particle emitter.

This video won two Telly Awards awards in 2009 for non-broadcast productions.

Carnegie Mellon in :60

This sixty second overview video was originally created for the 2006 "Robot Hall of Fame" induction ceremony. Since then, this video has been used on Carnegie Mellon's campus for numerous events.

In 2008, this video aired on ESPN during a televised CMU football game.

It won a CASE Circle of Excellence Gold Award in 2008 and a Telly Award in 2009.

Scotty's First Carnival

This video was shot during Carnegie Mellon's 2009 Spring Carnival. The video shows Carnival through the eyes of the University's mascot, Scotty.

To capture Scotty's unique point-of-view, I welded an adjustable aluminum camera arm that could safely hold the small high-definition camera inches from the ground while walking.

School of Drama Overview

I shot and edited this admission video for Carnegie Mellon's School of Drama. The video provides an overview of the program for high school students.

The video features interviews with current faculty and students filmed in various locations on campus. Kino-Flo "Diva Lights" were used to light interview subjects.

Carnegie Mellon Star Trek Tech

To build off enthusiasm surrounding the 2009 release of "Star Trek", I shot and edited this video to highlight some Carnegie Mellon research projects that wouldn't seem out of place on the "Starship Enterprise."

To further connect this video with the 2009 film, a "glow" effect was added. This effect simulated the frequent lens flares seen throughout the Hollywood film.

Daniel vs. RoboPhone

Part of Carnegie Mellon's "RoboU" viral campaign, this video tells the story of Daniel's run-in with Diane, an ill-tempered automated phone system.

Carnegie Mellon Alum, Daniel H. Wilson wrote and starred in this video. Daniel has written several books including "Robopocalypse" which is being made into a film directed by Steven Spielberg.

Keepon Auditioning

This is another video from Carnegie Mellon's "RoboU" viral campaign. The video features dancing robot "Keepon" as he tries-out for a student dance group.

Keepon became well-known on YouTube when he danced to nationally known music group, "Spoon" and their hit song, "I Turn My Camera On". Keepon became so popular, he later appeared in an actual "Spoon" music video.


For this national ad campaign, I was asked to create a seamless transition effect where a camera pan smoothly changes the scene from the customer's garage to inside an AutoZone store.

Normally done with an expensive motion control camera system, I created the same effect by rotoscoping the actor and tracking slow pans of the AutoZone store and garage.


HealthSouth is America's largest rehabilitation company. In these two commercials, the formerly wheelchair bound character rolls into the frame and stands up on his own.

I was able to animate the wheelchair character by assembling a computer model. I then directed and filmed an actor wearing tracking dots as they performed the action. After tracking the movement of the actor, I applied the tracking data to the model to create the finished commercials.

This campaign won a Telly Award in 2010.

S&T Bank

In this commercial, the visual effect called for Jerome Bettis' house to be completely covered with credit cards.

The most difficult shot was the crane shot at the end of the commercial. To make the effect work, I placed tracking dots at different depths in the scene. I used 3D tracking software to analyze the various tracking points to recreate the camera's motion in 3D modeling software. I then modeled Visa card-covered panels that were composited over the exterior of Jerome Bettis' actual home.

Eat 'n Park

The concept for this commercial required two types of special effects. The storyboard specified that it was to be a black and white commercial with highlighted items in color. To accomplish this effect, I rotoscoped the featured items and desaturated everything else.

The second effect was the creation of the "spooky" skies. I created the effect from timelapse footage of clouds shot during the day and images of dead trees. The elements were composited together to create the final look.

This commercial won a Telly Award in 2008.

Fort Pitt Capital

In this commercial, the customer is frustrated by a typical bank's high-turnover rate of investment advisors. This is shown by different advisors literally rotating in and out of the frame.

To make this come together, the actors were shot separately on green screen. Each actor was pivoted into and out of the frame by stage hands standing off camera. The advisors were edited together and composited behind the desk to complete the effect.

This commercial won a Telly Award in 2006.

Carnegie Mellon's Notable Alumni

In this video highlighing accomplished Carnegie Mellon alumni, I designed a spinning carousel of images that stops to reveal the featured alumni.

For each alum, I created a short motion graphic sequence that quickly communicates their major accomplishment.

This video won a CASE Circle of Excellence Gold Award in 2008.

CBS Cares PSAs (2001-2003)

During summers in college, it was my job to edit and composite all "CBS Cares" network public service announcements. To create each PSA, I edited the actors' best takes and composited them over various background plates. Title graphics were provided by CBS Los Angeles.

Every year CBS produced over 50 PSAs. The video contains two examples.

Carnegie Mellon's Official iPhone/iPad App

I designed and developed version 2.0 of Carnegie Mellon's official iPhone/iPad app. The app conforms with object-oriented design practices and has numerous features tailored to the CMU audience. Some of the features include:

  • The ability to download RSS, calendar, social and video feeds. This makes it easy to stay up to date with the University's various schools and colleges.
  • Directory search queries Carnegie Mellon’s person database to locate phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Automatically chooses the graphical user interface appropriate for the host device and can reorganize information to accommodate device rotation.
  • Navigate campus buildings with the Google-based map and pinpoint your current location.

For a complete listing of app features and to learn more:
Visit the App's Website.

Download on iTunes

Carnegie Mellon's Online Brag Book

I was tasked with designing and developing the social media sharing features for the online version of Carnegie Mellon's "Brag Book".

I developed the Twitter and email sharing features to use AJAX server communication so the process of sharing content was as seemless as possible.

The Twitter sharing module required my server-side program to communicate with Twitter's OAuth authentication system. I also designed the site to be resistant to spam-bots.

Visit Carnegie Mellon's Online Brag Book

Watch a video of the Brag Book

Carnegie Mellon University on Social Networks

This site was designed by the Carnegie Mellon web team to be a social media portal for the campus community.

On this page, I designed and developed the Twitter feed module. This module periodically queries the Twitter service for updates. When a new tweet is available, the tweet is added to the list in reverse chronological order. New tweets fade-in to draw your eye to new information.

Visit CMU on Social Networks

Przyborski Productions Movie Player

My first web development project was to create a new movie player for my Dad's company website. This player provided an easy-to-use interface for ad agencies and clients to view the company's latest work.

The AJAX player I developed pulled video information from an RSS feed. It also automatically reformats itself if viewed on an iPhone or iPod. (This site requires the latest version of Quicktime.)

Checkout the Movie Player