These Canon original camera files and high quality H.264 1920x1080 videos are available to download for evaluation purposes. Please screen these videos on a 1920x1080 native resolution monitor for evaluation and comparison purposes. (Many downsampled monitors add their own artifacts when converting 1080P to lower resolutions.)

Click to download Canon 5Dmk2 Original Camera Files:

(note: these are very large files)

Rug example (no AA filter 96MB) Rug example (with Mosaic AA filter 112MB)

Black nylon lens pouch (no AA filter 125MB) Black nylon lens pouch (with Mosaic AA filter 110MB)

Glass block wall (no AA filter 109MB) Glass block wall (with Mosaic AA filter 121MB)

Brick house (no AA filter 96MB) Brick house (with Mosaic AA filter 100MB)

Resolution chart (no AA filter 79MB) Resolution chart (with Mosaic AA filter 74MB)

Click to download high-quality 1920x1080 H.264 1080P video files:

Eat 'n Park Restaurants :30 HDTV commercial #1 (42MB)

Eat 'n Park Restaurants :30 HDTV commercial #2 (38MB)

Outdoor filter evaluation video, shot with 24mm & 35mm wide angle lenses (108MB)

With & without filter composite demo video (84MB)

VAF-5D2 optical filter demo video with install & remove instructions (7min - 59MB)

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