Przyborski Productions Inc. is a Pittsburgh based commercial production company that specializes in the creation of network, regional and major local television commercials and WEB content. All projects originate in 4K digital with final post-production in 4K(UHD) & 1080P high-definition. The company’s clients are primarily advertising agencies representing advertisers from all over the USA.

Przyborski Productions officially began in 1988. The company was founded by director/ cinematographer Glenn Przyborski and executive producer Jim DeVincentis. Since ’89, the company has steadily grown into one of the most popular commercial production companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The company doesn’t have a corny “Mission Statement”, but they do strive to deliver the highest quality broadcast or WEB content based on concept, time and budget. The company’s on-air TV spots are often compared favorably to commercials that cost much, much more.

Przyborski Productions is unique in that it restricts itself to producing only a couple projects a month. This has led to having to pass on several potentially lucrative projects each year. The positive result is that the company enjoys almost 100% return business from agencies and clients.

Although based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, Przyborski has produced major TV ad campaigns from Honolulu, Hawaii to Boca Raton, Florida… from New York to Los Angeles. Their account list includes dozens of agencies and their clients. They’ve won numerous advertising awards including Addy’s, Telly’s, Golden Reels, Emmy’s, BPME’s, Golden Cine’s, IBA’s and dozens of regional “Best of Show” awards.

The company has always been an early adopter and innovator with production technology. They began shooting and post-producing every project in high definition long before the networks and most broadcast stations could accept HDTV commercials. Although involved in digital communications everyday, Przyborski and his team try for in-person pre-production meetings with agency creative people to insure that everyone is on the same wavelength before a complicated project begins.

In addition to filmmaking, Przyborski Productions owns technology patents that relate to video cameras being able to reproduce the look of motion picture film. Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Thomson, and Canon. have licensed these patents for use in their 24P cameras.


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