California’s Prop 38 Here’s an interesting look at the casting and production of a major TV campaign that aired throughout California in the Fall of 2000. The political spots were created to promote a school voucher initiative aka “Proposition 38.” We filmed the examples of bad schools in 16mm. Glenn shot these scenes with his Arri SRII equipped with a Zeiss 10mm-100mm zoom. That lens has excellent macro capabilities at the 10mm focal length, plus a T2 iris. Stepping, grain, scratches and dirt were added to the footage during post-production. Glenn filmed all the positive school scenarios in 35mm using his Arri BL4. Production equipment has made huge strides since 2000, but the casting and overall production work flow that’s documented in this video is still the same. (Glenn’s son, John Przyborski shot and edited this mini-documentary while a senior in high school.)


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