Time Capsule GNC 1993-1996 Here’s a 4 minute “time capsule” of GNC’s mid-90’s TV advertising. General Nutrition Centers biggest period of growth and profitability was the 1990’s.

From ’93 through ’96, Przyborski Productions produced virtually every network GNC TV spot. We introduced their “Gold Card” and many in-store products that are still sold today.

Initially, all the commercials were shot in 35mm then transferred and edited on 1″ videotape. By the end of 1993, we were post-producing GNC’s ads in D2 composite digital video. (In the 90’s, everything was standard definition.)

Compared to what we produce today, these commercials are a little “corny” and very old-school.  NBC’s Saturday Night Live even did a parody of GNC’s Colon Cleanser, which they titled, “Colon Blow.” In the early 90’s, sophisticated computer graphics were in their infancy. The stock music we used also dates the ads. The commercials in this video were selected from over a dozen GNC advertising campaigns.


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