Church’s Chicken Puerto Rico

On February 14, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Judy Gurchak

Church’s Chicken has over 1700 locations in 22 countries. In Puerto Rico they’re arguably the most popular chicken restaurants with over 70 units.

For years, the late Pittsburgh based food stylist Shui Ziegler and her husband have created the food stylings for Church’s in-store menus as well as broadcast and print promotions. Przyborski Productions was brought on-board to work with Shui & Zig to create the introductory TV spot for Church’s new “Breakfast Pockets”  (or in Spanish, “Pockets Desayuno”.)

Przyborski shot the digital commercial in John Sanderson’s studio, located in Pittsburgh’s strip district.  Felipe Flores, Church’s VP of Marketing, asked Glenn to create a warm, golden, morning feel to the scenes, emphasizing the product’s natural ingredients.

Everything was shot on the RED “Epic” camera system, primarily using Glenn’s Canon lenses. For the extremely tight macro scenes of bacon and sausage, the unique Innovision “Probe II” snorkel lens was employed. Glenn feels the greatest feature of the Epic is its ability to shoot at almost any frame rate up to 300fps.  The falling tortillas were shot at 240fps.

The commercial was edited and mixed by the Kamikaze Group in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. They also created the original music track. The ad is currently airing in HD throughout Puerto Rico.  In case you’re hungry, the closest Church’s Chicken to Pittsburgh is in Akron, Ohio.