WVU Healthcare

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WVU Healthcare is the largest hospital system in West Virginia. Fahlgren Advertising of Columbus, Ohio created the marketing concept and Glenn Przyborski directed and photographed their latest broadcast ad campaign.

Przyborski’s projects are often loaded with high-energy effects, but the new WVUH campaign is a throw back to simpler times. The Fahlgren concept called for 9 key hospital doctors, nurses and administrators to do a couple honest, sincere lines of on-camera copy.

Sometimes the simplest concepts are logistically the most complicated. Doctors can only commit to short, specific time windows. Busy hospital locations are only available at certain times. Judy Gurchak and WVUH producer, Lori Savitch created a doable production schedule for the 2 day shoot. Working with Jay Coughlin and Heidi Specht, Przyborski shot “B-Roll” footage whenever there was a break in sync-sound filming.

Sync sound scenes were shot on a RED One camera and prime lenses. Most “B-Roll” cutaways were shot on a Sony F900R with Canon lenses and a modified Panasonic GH1 camera with Canon FD lenses. Our Pittsburgh based crew made extensive use of LED lighting fixtures to minimize power requirements in the busy hospital complex. Glenn edited the 60 second spot in 1080P at Przyborski Productions. Allen DiCenzo of Circa Music in Dublin created the original music track based on the Aaron Copland composition, “Simple Gifts”.

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  1. Erie Dave says:

    Are you sure the last blonde girl isn’t an actress?

    • Judy Gurchak says:

      We’re sure! The last “talent” is Dr. Mahreen Hashmi, Vice Chair of Education & Residency Director of the OBGYN department.
      All of the featured “talent” in the spot are actual physicians &/or surgeons at West Virginia University Hospital. Maybe they found a new calling in acting though! Thanks for asking!

  2. standish719 says:

    If you’re using a RED camera, why do you need the other cameras? Seems like a waste of money to me…

    • Many of the cutaways in the commercial were from existing footage shot on the Sony F900R. We previously used that camera on 4 separate WVUH shoots. The RED One is a big, bulky, heavy camera that’s not very conducive for “run & gun,” “B-Roll” shooting. For fast setup cutaways, I often use a modified Panasonic GH1. You can literally shoot great looking footage in a working operating room without bothering the doctors & nurses.

  3. FredSan says:

    I can’t tell what camera was used for the various scenes? Are you doing a lot in post production to match the different cameras? Hard to believe a GH-1 is intercut with a RED!

    • With sophisticated color correction, you really can’t tell one camera from the other. This is especially true on action scenes that feature a lot of camera and/or talent motion. I use “Colorista II” from Red Giant software for post-production color correction. I also make sure before the shoot that every camera is preset to similar gamma, color balance and color encoding settings. FYI, only the on-camera speaking scenes (except for the woman driving) were shot on the RED One. Thanks.

  4. Allan says:

    What codec did you use to convert the Red footage for editing. Is it the same for all the footage?

  5. Allan, all the RED footage was converted from it’s RAW R3D format to Quicktime ProResHQ. It’s a pain in the ass, slow process but it’s all part of the RED experience. Our DIT, Carl was kind enough on the 2-day shoot to let his laptop run all night doing the conversions. My biggest beef with the RED is that it’s too damn heavy and too damn big for a digital camera. I swear to God it’s heavier than my Arri 35BL4 with a 400 ft magazine. … am I venting for some reason?

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